It took me into my hands to creating something real

originally published 3/20/2011   Potters share the pleasure received from seeing a shelf of finished pots waiting to be fired, or a kiln opening brimming with pots still warm from that fire.   I work for weeks and can hold the tangible product of my labor in my hands.  There’s no ambiguity of accomplishment.  For better or worse, I have objects that describe my work. My table full of pots drying is an exhilarating sight.  At this stage of the process, I usually don’t want to stop the making- it’s a time when I have more ideas for the forms that...

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Paying attention

originally published 2/20/2011 I’ve been spending time rereading old STUDIO POTTER magazines From Joe Spano, Studio Potter Vol. 13 # 2 “I live with many of [Joan’s] pots.  Some of them I handle every day.  They illuminate my life in daily ways, quiet and unremarked pleasures.  Others stop me in my tracks.  They are the master’s slap, the laugh of god.  They tell me that it’s wise to pay attention.  I value both, as both have gifts to give if I’m in the receiving vein.” And then: “I came to love the handmade pot because I saw in it what...

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Buddha bowls

 originally published november 25, 2019   Mostly, since we don’t eat steaks or other foods that need cutting at the table,  we eat our dinners out of bowls.  I was glad to see that popular food culture has created meal options specifically for bowls such as the buddha bowl, taco bowl, grain bowl,  and donburi bowls. I experimented with recipes from the internet and have provided some links for others to try. This one is a Sweet Potato taco bowl It seems that so many buddha bowls start with roasted sweet potatoes. I find that I can just roast whatever vegetables...

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