Buddha bowls


Mostly, since we don’t eat steaks or other foods that need cutting at the table,  we eat our dinners out of bowls.  I was glad to see that popular food culture has created meal options specifically for bowls such as the buddha bowl, taco bowl, grain bowl,  and donburi bowls.

I experimented with recipes from the internet and have provided some links for others to try.

roasted vege bowlThis one is a Sweet Potato taco bowl

roasted vege bowl

It seems that so many buddha bowls start with roasted sweet potatoes. I find that I can just roast whatever vegetables I have, as long as one vegetable is a sweet potato.  This one has tahini sauce in the recipe.

Try the original Roasted vegetable buddha bowl


Here’s some bowls that are available my Black Friday Open House

serving bowl

Basically,  I eat chili or spaghetti or just about anything in a dinner bowl.  

It just feels good.




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