Looking for a special wedding gift?

If you are searching for a unique wedding gift for the bride and groom, consider handcrafted pottery!


The New York Times declared that   "All the weddings canceled over the last couple of years have found a happy home, and that home is .........2022. "


It's a banner year for weddings from June through the summer, and peaking in October.

And I'm offering a banner selection of pottery available in my  shop.  There are many choices and price points for a perfect wedding gift which can be ordered online and either picked up or shipped.    From a set of mugs....to "Buddha" bowls ... to larger priced items like teapots or serving bowls.  Below are some examples of the possibilities for a  distinctive wedding gift of porcelain tableware.

My porcelain tableware ranges from simply designed pottery like the shallow dinner bowl below and celadon pots,...


wedding gift, dinner bowl, porcelain bowl, A shallow bowl for your dinner?


celadon flower vase, wedding gift celadon vase?


coffee mugs, handmade pottery mugs, porcelain mug, mug sets?


5-cup porcelain mug, handcrafted, handwoven cane handle, wedding gift a handcrafted pottery teapot?


grain bowl, buddha bowls, dinner bowls, wedding gift bowls for your supper?


]flat bowl,celadon porcelain bowl, dinner bowl, shallow bowl for your dinner or for serving?


...to decorative playfully designed pottery like the nerikomi flower images on the water pitcher.  These porcelain pots are decorated with stripes and flower design, and are glazed with a dazzling crystallized glaze.

All of my pottery is handmade on the potter's wheel, or handbuilt.


large porcelain pitcher with nerikomi flower design,A large water pitcher?


large pasta 0r salad bowl, wedding gift A large serving bowl for salads or pasta with a lovely lavender flower design?


 fruit bowl, serving bowl, handled bowl A fruit bowl?


buddha bowl, grain bowl, dinner bowl, bowls for a dinner serving?


appetizer tray, wedding giftan appetizer/sushi tray

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