“It took me into my hands, to creating something real.

 originally published 3/29/2011

pots drying 2

Something I think potters can share is the pleasure received from seeing a shelf of finished pots waiting to be fired, or a kiln opening brimming with pots still warm from that fire.   I work for weeks, and can hold the tangible product of my labor in my hand. There’s no ambiguity,  the process of my work is visible as objects in space.

My table full of pots drying is an exhilarating sight for me. At this stage of the process, I usually don’t want to stop the making- it’s a time when I have more ideas for the forms that I’ve just finished, but it’s time to glaze and fire, and complete this cycle.

“It took me into my hands, to creating something real,” is a statement by Terry Tempest Williams on the program, “Being.”


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