Weekend Nerikomi Workshop

Nerikomi nerikomi workshop pottery class

Weekend Nerikomi Workshops



Continuing Nerikomi Workshop

June 11, 12


This is a workshop for those who want to continue the exploration of Nerikomi.  A basic knowledge of pottery construction, coloring clay and making canes is required.

On Saturday morning, we'll review making gradients, and learn to make 3 or 4 color gradients.  In the afternoon, we'll review making canes, and explore different options for making intricate cane designs.

On Sunday we will concentrate on integrating cane designs together, and will explore successful application methods.

Workshop Fee: $200+ bring a delicious potluck lunch item to share. Materials and supplies are included in the fee.

 Classes are held in my studio, 167 Sycamore Lane, Phoenixville, PA.

If you have questions or would like to reserve a space in the workshop, call me at 610 551-2796 or email: nellhazinski@gmail.com




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